Throughout this pristine coastal area there are many places to take great photos as you enjoy the Big Bend Shellfish Trail. Take advantage of the unique opportunity to view working waterfronts of shellfish farmers/fishermen, beautiful coastal landscapes and vistas. Many of the communities recycle clam and oyster shells for driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and for arts & crafts.

The uniqueness of these beautiful coastal villages and their cultural heritage is one that is ready to be discovered! The Big Bend Shellfish Trail is where you can learn more about Florida shellfish, aquaculture, sustainable environments that protect the waters, where to EAT and where to BUY (retail) Big Bend Shellfish. For the fishermen in your group, this area of Florida has amazing big reds, trout, tarpon and more. There are many cozy accommodations like bed and breakfasts, fish camps and hotel/motels available throughout the trail region.

It’s all waiting for you to explore! Plan your educational and travel adventure to this unique part of Florida. Contact one of the local chambers or tourist development offices listed in the box below for more information on how to visit the Big Bend Shellfish Trail or to have a map mailed to you.

Upload your photos to #floridashellfishtrail and share what you are learning as you visit communities along the trail.